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Miami Vice week on Lost and Found starts with Phil Collins

While I was working jobs on Friday night in the '80s, many in the Stuck in the '80s Nation started their weekend by watching Miami Vice. Even if you didn't watch one episode, you still couldn't escape its impact on fashion and the musical landscape. In its honor, we'll spend this week spotlighting several songs featured on the show starting with Phil Collins and Long, Long Way From Home.

In the years of Lost and Found, we actually have already featured more than a dozen lost songs that popped up on episodes of Miami Vice as Vice was one of the first TV shows to take current songs off albums and the radio and incorporate them into a scene or episode. Some songs like Glen Frey's Smuggler's Blues turned into entire episodes while some songs like Long, Long Way From Home just seemed to capture the moment in the life and times of ultra-cool detectives Crockett and Tubbs.

Today's fan video of Long, Long Way From Home comes from the season two finale of Miami Vice that features the funeral of Tubbs' girlfriend and son. Long, Long Way From Home features backup vocals by Sting and was an album cut off of Collins' 1985 No Jacket Required album that spawned four smash hits (One More Night, Sussudio, Don't Lose My Number and Take Me Home) and sold over 12 million copies in the U.S. alone.

Collins even made it as an actor on Miami Vice as Phil The Schill in Season Two.