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Middle East politics in the '80s? No, that would be Madness

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Published Sep. 10, 2016

We wrap up our whirlwind trip of '80s city songs today with perhaps our most exotic destination - Cairo. While it would probably be easier to fly there, we are taking our travel trips from Madness and will take the Night Boat To Cairo.

Night Boat To Cairo is a song off Madness' debut album that we have officially grandfathered in from the fall of 1979. While a video for Night Boat To Cairo was made for promotion, the song was never a hit in the U.K. and only hit the charts once it was reissued as a single in 1993 when a Madness revival occurred. When Our House became a hit in the U.S. in 1983, the record company packaged Our House and many other likeable older Madness songs like Night Boat To Cairo to create the compilation album Madness - the first album to be released state side for the band.

Like all Madness videos, Night Boat To Cairo is a joy to watch as the band dons fun head gear such as pith helmets and fezzes to accent their British Colonial outfits while they jam and do the Nutty Train dance all to the backdrop of an Egyptian pyramid.

Not all '80s news in Cairo was as fun as the video as on Oct. 6th, 1981, Anwar Sadat was assassinated in Cairo after helping bring peace (temporarily) to the Middle East. However, there is good news to report that on Oct. 21st of this year, Madness is releasing their new album Can't Touch Us Now.

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