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Life of the Party podcast: Yee-hop! Country party jams and Lil Nas X

Is it country? Is it rap? Does it matter? How did Billy Ray Cyrus get involved?

We're talking about the bona fide hit no one can agree on, Lil Nas X's Old Town Road.

The country-rap fusion track is an internet sensation with the biggest streaming week of all time, toppling Drake. But despite its definite twang factor, Billboard removed the song from the country charts for confusing reasons.

US 103.5 and iHeartRadio's Sarah Jacobs joins the Life of the Party podcast to hash out notions of what qualifies as country music. We revisit a time when some people thought Merle Haggard and Garth Brooks weren't country enough, either.

And we all pick our favorite country party anthems, from classics like Friends in Low Places to a really weird 90s song about a man buying a girlfriend at an auction.

Plus: We review Mayor Pete Buttigieg's hipster campaign design kit and weep because Beyoncé released a new album on a Wednesday when we were all at work.

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