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My Farewell Friday: A diva bids adieu

Pro-tip: When the Cool Girls in your office make a beeline for your desk, don't panic.

They may be there to invite you to lunch. Or compliment your outfit. Or ask you to join their really cool club.

That's what happened to me a few years ago, when I was asked to join Deal Divas. The invitation to become one of the fashion and shopping bloggers for THEE (then) St. Petersburg Times was thrilling. Plus, it came with a tiara. (I'm not kidding).

As a young journalist, there are certain milestones that really feel special: your first scoop, your first front page story, the first time you get yelled at by a public official.

But this accomplishment, this amazing news, called for, well, a call -- to my mom, of course.

"Ma, they asked me to be a Deal Diva," I remember squealing.

"That's great honey!" she replied enthusiastically. "What's that?"

Yeah, what is that?

For the past few years (is anyone counting?), it's been this: Fun. Relevant. A way to write about shoes. A way to (for a few moments) take my mind off writing about people who were dying, lying, and all sorts of other colorful stuff. An excuse to take pictures of a great outfit. A challenge (remember that time I put up My Outfit Monday on Tuesday? Sometimes the struggle is real.)

And now, it'll be part of my past. I'm leaving the newspaper, for a job in public radio in St. Louis.

When Deal Diva Katie started bugging me about doing this post, I told her it was going to be a fun mix of this and that. It was going to have pictures and links and great great other stuff!

Sorry girl. I just finished cleaning out my desk and I just can't.

I'm going to miss you guys.

Thank you for putting up with my blazer obsession. Thank you for teaching me that short girls CAN wear maxi dresses. And that it's ok to rant about how nude shoes aren't for us all. Thank you for always making sure I got a front row seat at Tampa Bay Fashion Week. And for pushing me to buy shorts.

We all know I'm the best thrifter in the bunch, but you're welcome for the times I let you think you were good at it too.

Please come visit me in St. Louis (in the fall, spring or summer. You girls aren't ready for winter -- but then again, I might not be either. Socks? What are those again?).

Finally, anybody have tips on what people in radio are supposed to wear?

-Deal Diva Kameel