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My Outfit Monday: Mixing, and nixing, the Monday blues

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Published Aug. 17, 2015

In honor of National Thrift Store Day, my outfit today aims to show how you can stretch budget buys with fun accessories.

Now in truth, my shirt and skirt are not from a thrift store.

They did cost me next to nothing, though.

The navy pencil skirt is a perfect fit in my wardrobe and a parting gift from Diva alumna Kameel. I got it Wednesday, and I've already worn it twice.

The shirt was a single-digit find from a Ross-type store by Diva Stephanie, who is very thoughtful and knows I can't say no to buttons and rolled sleeves.

I jazzed up the shirt by buttoning it to the collar and layering a Bauble Bar necklace, which I procured for my rehearsal dinner, just below.

My little lace wallet is from Target, which has really stepped up its bags department lately. People have said it's very bridal, or that it looks like a doily in a good, antique way. I accept either! (I spy a sale on backpacks, back-to-schoolers.)

And my beige-brown bow shoes are Ann Marinos from DSW (sort of like these). The heel is just tall enough that I haven't worn them that much over the years. Now that I have a working navy skirt in my wardrobe, those days might be over.

Takeaways: Befriend people who know what you like. When you clean out your house for a cross-country move, think of your friends. Embrace the thrift-store spirit even if you cannot locate a clean item of thrifted clothing for this particular My Outfit Monday.

Go cheap and prosper.