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My Outfit Monday: The Monday blues

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Published Aug. 24, 2015

Somehow, my busiest day of the work week is Monday. Hence the blues. For days like these when I need to be out of the house and into productivity fast, I gravitate toward reliable outfits that I know will a) fit b) look decent c) be at least somewhat comfortable. This outfit hits all the marks. Unfortunately, I spent 20 minutes trying on four other outfits first before landing on this one, but hey, it wouldn't be Monday without some struggle.

Top: This Loft top is the definition of Utility Player in my closet. It was a clearance purchase scored for $12 or so, and I wear it all the time: Under blazers, tucked in with skirts, tucked casually out over a pair of jeans. It's light grey with white and navy polka dots, and a large bow for which I am a sucker. My only quibble is that, like so many otherwise perfect shirts, it is SEE-THROUGH and requires an undershirt. On the other hand, it's ideal for this time of year, when stepping outside invites an immediate and unyielding Sweat Party.

Skirt: A Banana Republic Factory Store purchase, this navy number was 50 percent off its original price of Too Many Dollars (about $60). Then, thanks to a total-purchase coupon and some store rewards, I ended up snagging three more items for a total of $25. So I guess you could say this skirt was like 6 bucks.

Shoes: The Great Chico's Shoe Sale of 2015 rears its head again, bringing you these black Mary Janes that I wear constantly. I'm currently regretting not buying three pairs - they cost a total of 8 American dollars - for when I tear these in half from wearing them too much.

Accesories: The earrings pictured above are my absolute favorite accessory at the moment. I adore the teal/navy combination, and how they're chunky and substantial without weighing down my ears. Have chosen outfits to match these earrings instead of the other way around on more than one occasion. They were $5 or so from J. Crew Factory online. My sparkly bracelet is the most expensive part of this outfit, a Stella and Dot item that set me back maybe $30. (It's been a while.) I wear it enough that the cost now seems mostly justified.