1. From 2000: Maria Carrillo, left, and Lane DeGregory, with her son Ryland leaning in, when they first worked together. [Courtesy of Maria Carrillo]
  2. Peter Copeland, while visiting the Poynter Institute, talks about his new book. [Allison Graves]
  3. Meghan Louttit of The New York Times, at left, and Maud Beelman from Arizona State University join the podcast. [Allison Graves]
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  5. Tom French, a professor at Indiana University, and Len Downie of the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University discuss judging this year's Scripps Howard Awards. [Allison Graves]
  6. Roy Peter Clark's latest book is out now. [Allison Graves]
  7. Times editor Mark Katches at work in St. Petersburg, Fla. [Maria Carrillo]
  8. Feb. 12• WriteLane
    Andy Chasanoff coached students with disabilities for more than 50 years before retiring earlier this year. [JOHN PENDYGRAFT  |  Times]
  9. Feb. 5• WriteLane
    Girls wait nervously to begin a performance of ballet folklorico at the rec center in Tommytown. [MARTHA ASENCIO-RHINE  |  Times]
  10. Justin Shea receives a pat on the back after playing at Vincent House in Seminole. [WILLIE ALLEN  |  St. Petersburg Times]
  11. A family photo of Patrick Gonzalez taken the day he died. He was 2 months old. [GONZALEZ FAMILY   |  Times]
  12. Darryl Quesenberry performs on a Saturday night in November to a packed crowd at The Craftsman House Gallery. [LUIS SANTANA  |  Tampa Bay Times]
  1. The scales at Publix stores are typically near the exits, so shoppers can weigh themselves before leaving the store. (MARTHA ASENCIO RHINE   |   Times)
  2. Amal Mikhail and her son, Andrea, with their first Christmas tree in America. [Times file]
  3. Ellen Clarke's desk features a lot of reminders of Owen. [Martha Asencio-Rhine]
  4.  [Maria Carrillo]
  5. undefined [MARTHA ASENCIO-RHINE]
  6. These kids have their own podcast about children's books. And they told us about their favorite stories. [MARTHA ASENCIO-RHINE]
  7. Nov. 20, 2019• WriteLane
    Author Beth Macy, center, tells the story behind her latest book, Dopesick. [Martha Asencio-Rhine]
  8. Tom Jones of the Poynter Institute talks about his favorite journalism movies. [Martha Asencio-Rhine]
  9. Nov. 6, 2019• WriteLane
    In the Tampa Bay Times newsroom, we capture each other's quotes on a wall of fame. [Martha Asencio-Rhine]
  10. Oct. 30, 2019• WriteLane
    Jan Winburn encourages reporters to put themselves into their stories when they have a unique perspective to add. [Martha Asencio-Rhine]
  11. Lincoln DeLuna and his family feed ducks on an August afternoon. [JOHN PENDYGRAFT   |  Times]
  12. Oct. 16, 2019• WriteLane
    Monica Herndon was a regular presence at football and baseball games in Tampa Bay. [Julio Aguilar]