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Lane DeGregory podcast: Episode 90 - audio documentaries

Andy Mills of The New York Times [Christine Fagerbakke]
Published Sep. 4

Andy Mills, a producer and reporter with The New York Times who helped create The Daily podcast, shares thoughts about doing narrative work in a new/old medium.

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Listen to the podcast below:


  1. Randy Mink, then mayor of Bowling Green, reacts to the Army Corps of Engineers decision to remove the generator powering City Hall. Times (2004)
  2. Andy Mills of The New York Times, seen here at a conference in Norway, works on "The Daily" podcast. CHRISTINE FAGERBAKKE  |  Christine Fagerbakke
  3. Andy Mills of The New York Times Christine Fagerbakke
  4. Freelance journalist Jina Moore Handout
  5. Imagine creating a database by breaking down about 100 Taylor Swift songs. Illustration by Delphine Lee
  6. Mario Garcia's latest book will be released next month.
  7. Lane DeGregory in June, at the Fortellingenskraft conference in Norway. CHRISTINE FAGERBAKKE | Special to the Times
  8. Natasha Kondrashova, a Russian journalist, had a recent felllowship with the Times.
  9. One of the beginnings discussed in the podcast is the first line of the Bible. (Associated Press)
  10. Tom French's Pulitzer Prize-winning story, Angels and Demons, drew readers in through the investigators' years-long search for a killer.