In 20 years, I’m going to run your newsroom: WriteLane podcast

‘Many college journalists of color are striving toward an industry that is not prepared to help them grow.’
Aiyana Ishmael
Aiyana Ishmael [ Courtesy Aiyana Ishmael ]
Published Sept. 9, 2020|Updated Sept. 10, 2020

This week’s episode title comes from an essay published this summer by our friends at It was written by Aiyana Ishmael, now a senior at Florida A&M University who was a digital media intern for the Poynter Institute through the Dow Jones News Fund.

Ishmael is joining us as a guest — and as our new podcast producer.

She talks about the challenges facing Black and Hispanic journalists in an industry that is not as diverse as it should be, to reflect the communities we cover.

Also, check out her Black Fat Fashion podcast.

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