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Local news and investigations, e-Newspaper additions are the focus of changes

You’ll notice some reorganization to your print Tampa Bay Times starting on Nov. 15.
The Tampa Bay Times is Florida's largest newspaper. [Times]
The Tampa Bay Times is Florida's largest newspaper. [Times]
Published Nov. 11, 2019

Starting Friday, we’re introducing changes to the Tampa Bay Times. These changes keep the focus on our primary mission: delivering first-rate local coverage and investigative reporting. Here’s what to expect:

• Our two main news sections will be combined Monday through Saturday. Our most important local coverage already runs on the front page. On Sunday, Local will remain a separate section.

• We are introducing themed pages in the daily News section — including Health & Medicine, Your Money, The Environment, Science & Technology, and Notable Deaths. Each day will highlight a different theme, often expanding on the big news that day.

• The Los Angeles Times Crossword moves from the News section to BayLink. There will be fewer crossword puzzles in the daily newspaper, but we will still publish multiple puzzles on Friday and Sunday.

• Our package of entertainment news gets a new name and a new home. ETC becomes Front Row and moves to the back of the Sports section.

• We are packing more fun into our Sunday comics section and giving it a new name: Fun & Games. This section combines comics, games and puzzles — including some new ones. The new features include Kakuro, Trivia, Kriss Kross and Word Wheel.

• We are beefing up our e-Newspaper, the electronic edition of the daily newspaper, with some bonus features that do not appear in print. As a reminder, every subscription includes full access to our e-Newspaper at no additional charge. We run information on how to set up your free account for and the e-Newspaper in the Subscriber Perks box on the next page every day.

• Several of our current comics are moving to the e-Newspaper bonus page, and we are adding more comics there. The combination gives us a bigger lineup than we publish now.

• The e-Newspaper is also getting a new advice column — Ask Amy — from Monday through Saturday. On Sunday, it will appear in print, in Baylink.

We understand that changes — even relatively minor ones — can be disconcerting. Still, we hope that the differences will soon seem familiar, and that you will enjoy the features we are adding. You can let us know your reactions by writing to me at