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Real estate, restaurants and rights: 10 years of change in Tampa Bay

Take a look at all the ways the region is different now.

Ten years ago, Tampa Bay didn’t look like this.

As the clock strikes 2020, we have major downtowns. Trendy food halls. Prestigious museums. A preeminent university.

LGBTQ rights expanded while the political landscape divided. Environmental traumas wreaked havoc on industries. Local sports teams mostly stagnated, but we loved to host national games.

Our writers took a look back at ten ways the region has changed in the past decade. We will publish one story on a different topic each day through Dec. 31.

A decade defined by...

Dec. 22 - The rise of downtowns

Dec. 23 - Polarization in politics

Dec. 24 - Fluctuating home prices

Dec. 25 - The restaurant race

Dec. 26 - LGBTQ rights

Dec. 27 - Growth at USF

Dec. 28 - The big games

Dec. 29 - Jeff Vinik’s fingerprint

Dec. 30 - Environmental trauma

Dec. 31 - A splash of art