Hooper: People lists Pam Iorio among its 25 Women Changing The World

Published November 5 2018

Sheís not sharing a spot on the cover with Joanna Gaines, Jennifer Garner and Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex.

Still, Pam Iorioís inclusion on People magazineís list of 25 Women Changing The World still stands as a remarkable achievement. Iorio, CEO of Big Brothers, Big Sisters of America, joined socially-conscious celebrities and grassroots organizers on the list.

While proud to be recognized, the former Tampa mayor said her inclusion really reflects the broader success of the organization. It recently went through a re-brand and continues to innovate with unique programs such as Bigs in Blue, which connects youth with police in communities throughout our nation.

Iorio said the life-changing positives emanating from Big Brothers, Big Sisters ó itís served more than 2 million youth since 2010 ó proves the nonprofitís work bridges our differences "because people are the same." ...

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Seen on a bumper sticker: Just Vote. Be Heard By Your Country. Make A Difference In Your Future. ...

Iorio certainly deserves the recognition, but all of us can make it onto a list of people changing the world. It starts with engaging in the voting process. Weíre at a crossroads in American politics, not just between Democrats and Republicans, but between those who believe voting matters and those who believe it doesnít.

Anger and fear will drive some to the polls. All the more reason not to let apathy drive you away.

Thatís all Iím saying.