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SunPass users will be reimbursed for overdraft fees, Gov. Rick Scott says

Florida SunPass users will be reimbursed by the state for overdraft fees while the state navigates the tolling system's chaos that has persisted for two months, Gov. Rick Scott said at a Tampa press conference this morning.

The SunPass customer service website, call line and app started malfunctioning in early June during a system update, and since then many SunPass users haven't seen accurate toll charges posted to their accounts. Some SunPass users who don't have auto-pay set up for their account, so without the ability to access it, drivers' charges can plunge into the negatives.

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"Nobody has any fees, any fines or penalties, and we are going to make sure if anyone has an overdraft we'll reimburse them," Scott said.

The SunPass vendor, Conduent State and Local Solutions, said its billing system is now up and running again. But it is still working through 170 million backlogged charges and is working on a customer service technology outage.

"I'm doing everything I can to hold the vendor accountable," Scott said.

The state told Conduent that they'd stop paying them based on their 2015 contract until the company fixed the problems. But Conduent hasn't given a timeline to fix those problems, and FDOT hasn't issued any penalties or fines against the company.

State Democrats have repeatedly called for Scott to suspend all SunPass toll collections until the system is fixed and to appoint an independent auditing committee to investigate FDOT's oversight of the system.

Scott's U.S. Senate Democratic opponent Sen. Bill Nelson joined forces earlier this week with Michigan Sen. Gary Peters (D) to ask the Federal Trade Commission to look into Conduent's handling of the state's tolling system.

Times staff writer Howard Altman contributed to this report. Contact Hannah Denham at Follow @hannah_denham1.

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