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Ten things to know about Stormy Daniels

1. Was editor of her high school newspaper, president of her 4-H club.

2. Started stripping at age 17 in Baton Rouge, La.

3. Made her first porn film with a girlfriend.

4. Took her stage name from the Motley Crue bassist, who named his son Storm, and from seeing an ad for Jack Daniels.

5. Got breast implants to "look like Pamela Anderson."

6. Pondered a bid for a Louisiana seat in the U.S. Senate under the slogan "Screwing People Honestly."

7. Reportedly Spent three hours watching Shark Week with Trump, who later asked her to spank him with a Forbes magazine and promised to cast her on The Apprentice.

8. Said Hillary Clinton is "a well-rounded woman, extremely knowledgeable on a wide range of subjects, and carries herself with dignity."

9. Is turned off by "arrogant men who brag about how much money they make."

10. Hopes when she gets to Heaven, God says, "Nice tits."

Compiled by Lane DeGregory, Times Staff Writer

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