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World Oceans Day is today

Florida is surrounded by water, from the Atlantic coast to the Gulf of Mexico.

We love these waters. We play in them. We eat from them. But we have a problem.


Our waters are filled with trash otherwise known as marine debris. Humans are the problem. Anything we use ends up in our waters, and I mean anything!

Most common items are plastics, rubber tires, cloth, glass, metal, styrofoam and paper items.

Did you know the plastic micro beads in your face wash end up as water debris?

Fisherman lose nets, traps and fishing line.

These items drift through the water entangling marine life.

Coral reefs and other habitat can be damaged or destroyed by trash. Marine life sometimes mistake trash for food and eat it. Would you want to eat a fish that has ingested trash?

We need to keep our oceans free from trash.

Would you want to swim in a pool floating with trash? Marine life doesn't have a choice.

Trash is one of the biggest pollution problems in our oceans and waterways.

It starts at home.


Bring your own bags to the store. Drink out of reusable bottles. Participate in shoreline cleanups.

How to tell the difference between garbage and recycling

We cause this problem and it's unhealthy for us, the earth and all the creatures that depend on it.

Every year June 8th is designated as World Oceans Day. This is a day you can participate in local clean up events. World Oceans Day

And remember, the next time you're done using a throw-away item - a plastic bag, bottle or utensil.

Ask yourself a question. Where is it going?

Because when you throw stuff away, there is no "away."

It has to go somewhere.

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