Published October 13 2018
Updated October 14 2018


Trump suggests ‘Democrat’ Mattis may be on way out

President Donald Trump has hinted that Defense Secretary James Mattis may be planning to quit his administration, and described the former U.S. Marine Corps general as "sort of a Democrat." In an excerpt from CBS’ 60 Minutes, Trump talked about the level of turnover in his administration after almost two years, and suggested that there could be more. "There are some people that I’m not happy with. I have some people that I’m not thrilled with. And I have other people that I’m beyond thrilled with," Trump said. Mattis "hasn’t told me" that he plans to leave, Trump said, and didn’t directly answer the question of whether he wanted the Pentagon chief to quit. "I have a very good relationship with him. It could be that he is. I think he’s sort of a Democrat, if you want to know the truth," Trump said. "He may leave. I mean, at some point, everybody leaves." Mattis, one of Trump’s first Cabinet picks after the 2016 election, has been on the defensive after excerpts from author Bob Woodward’s book Fear depicted the publicly taciturn military man as being critical of Trump in private.


Deportation of U.S. student is halted

Israel’s Supreme Court on Sunday agreed to hear the appeal of an American graduate student who is fighting an expulsion order over her involvement in the boycott movement against Israel. Lara Alqasem has been held in detention since arriving in the country on Oct. 2 with a valid student visa. She will be allowed to remain the country pending the Supreme Court appeal, scheduled to take place on Wednesday, her lawyers said. Alqasem, 22, turned to the high court after a lower court on Friday rejected her appeal to stay in the country. She will remain in detention pending her appeal, her lawyers said. Israel says the Florida native, a former boycott activist at the University of Florida, continues to promote the boycott movement against Israel. She has argued that she is no longer active.


Cops open inquiry into clash of protesters

Authorities in Oregon launched an investigation Sunday into assaults that stemmed from a Portland street brawl that erupted Saturday between demonstrators with a right-wing group and left-wing counterprotesters. There were no immediate arrests following the clash. Four people received medical attention. Officers saw people at the demonstration with hard-knuckled gloves, guns, knives and batons, police said. The right-wing Patriot Prayer group was holding a "Flash March for Law and Order" when the counterprotesters, some of whom identified themselves as members of the militant group Antifa, confronted them and scuffles broke out. Police in riot gear used foam and polystyrene bullets to break up the brawl.


Yazidi man accused of ‘honor’ killing arrested

Kurdish Iraqi police forces said they arrested Sefin Nouman Biso, 24, who is accused of killing his cousin in Germany after she refused to marry him. Biso was arrested Friday in Dohuk province in northern Iraq. He is wanted by German authorities and Interpol on suspicion of killing Shilan Ghazi Biso, 21, in front of guests at a wedding in Hanover, Germany, in 2016. Since 2003, thousands of Yazidis have sought asylum in Europe and Turkey to escape Iraq’s sectarian violence. The Islamic State group killed and enslaved thousands of followers of the minority sect from 2014 to 2017 at the height of its territorial extent.


Boeing 737 hits wall — and keeps flying

An Air India pilot flew a Boeing 737 through a brick wall Friday. Incredibly, that marked the beginning of its journey and not the end. The jet not only clobbered the top of a five-foot perimeter wall but also destroyed a small landing guide tower as it climbed out of Tiruchirappalli International Airport in Tamil Nadu state shortly after midnight. With 130 passengers on board, it was bound from the southern tip of India to Dubai across the ocean. And despite the audible and obvious collision, Air India Express flight 611 headed out over the Indian Ocean, the pilot apparently unaware that the plane had a gash along its belly and mesh fencing wrapped around the landing gear. Flight 611 was about halfway to Dubai when it turned around in what the airline called "a precautionary measure." The plane landed in Mumbai about four hours after takeoff, and passengers were routed onto other flights. Photos in Indian newspapers showed the exterior casing along the bottom of the 737’s fuselage torn open. Scrapes, dings, exposed framework and broken bits covered the plane’s underside.


Four killed in shooting at child’s birthday party: The Texas Department of Public Safety said the shooting took place Saturday in Taft, 12 miles north of Corpus Christi. Police have one suspect is in custody and are looking for a second man. Police identified the dead as Juan Espinoza Sr., 62,; Juan Sandoval III, 20; Jeremy Sandoval, 22; and Nicky Sandoval, 25.

Third body found after Texas floods: A Texas A&M Forest Service spokesperson said the remains were found Saturday evening near Yates Crossing in Junction, a small city alongside the South Llano River. The floodwaters prompted dramatic rescues by water and air last week. Two other bodies were found Thursday; a fourth person remains missing.

Migrant caravan swells in Honduras: About 1,600 people are moving toward Honduras’ border with Guatemala with hopes of getting to the United States, according to Dunia Montoya, a volunteer helping the migrants.

Bodies of climbers, guides retrieved from mountain: Rescuers on Sunday retrieved the bodies of five South Korean climbers and their four Nepalese guides from Nepal’s Gurja Himal mountain, where they were killed when their base camp was swept by a strong storm Friday night. The climbers were attempting to scale the 23,590-foot peak during the autumn climbing season.

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