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Brooklyn man racks up $8,000 bill at the Don CeSar resort with a fake credit card

This is a mug shot of Gavroch Cadet, who is accused of using a fake American Express card to charge $8,000 at the Don CeSar resort on St. Pete Beach.
Published Apr. 18, 2018

ST. PETE BEACH — A Brooklyn man is accused of running up a bill of more than $8,000 at the Don CeSar resort — all with a counterfeit credit card.

Gavroch Muller Cadet, 27, was arrested Monday on multiple counts of forgery of a credit card and a single count of possession of marijuana. He was released from the Pinellas County Jail after posting $30,150 bail.

According to arrest reports, Cadet checked into a room at the luxury Don CeSar resort on Friday, and gave the front desk clerk a counterfeit Connecticut driver's license and a fake American Express card.

He used the card to buy movie rentals, clothes, food, drink and other items during his stay at the resort, arrest reports state.

Total bill: $8,048.94.

The arrest report indicated that at the time of his arrest, Cadet also was facing other fraud charges as well, though details of those were not available.

The Don CeSar resort is one of only a handful of four-diamond hotels in the greater Tampa Bay area .

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