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  1. Bizarre News

The skinny: Gunman takes money, gives hug, kisses and an apology

Front seat frenzy

Bear follows nose for snack, ends up stuck

A hungry black bear thought it had found an easy meal inside an unlocked car in suburban Denver. But after getting the doggie bag left inside, the bear couldn't get out of the sedan and ripped apart its interior. A photo shows the trapped bear looking frantic in the car in Castle Pines. Wildlife officers eventually freed it.

Sealed with kisses

Gunman takes money, gives hug

A masked gunman in Guam apologized to two employees of a small casino and hugged and kissed them before fleeing with more than $5,000. Genevie Santos, 23, was working at the Lucky Land gambling room office and her boyfriend, Jhan Olivarez, 24, an off-duty employee, was hanging out when the gunman approached and demanded money. Surveillance video shows him stuffing cash into a black bag before taking Olivarez's wallet. Santos' crying prompted the bandit to wrap the couple in a hug, kiss each of them and say, "I'm sorry you had to be the ones working." When Santos told the robber they didn't have money to renew Olivarez's license, he returned the ID and gave Olivarez $7.

Compiled from wire services and other sources.