1. Bizarre News

The skinny: Kangaroo finds help at airport pharmacy

Published Oct. 18, 2013

Unexpected arrival

Kangaroo finds help at airport pharmacy

An injured kangaroo managed to make its way into Melbourne Airport in Australia on Wednesday, ending up, fittingly, in a pharmacy. Astonished travelers watched as the kangaroo stumbled around the aisles. It was captured and placed under the care of a veterinarian.

How not to behave

Mass. mom gets drunk, slaps bride

Authorities say a heavily intoxicated mother of the bride slapped her daughter as she tried to escort her out of her wedding reception in Massachusetts. Prosecutors say 55-year-old Leslie Duane of West Haven, Conn., was drunk Sunday after the ceremony and caused a scene at the Arabian Horse Farm Inn in Sudbury.

Bad day for tiny dog

Police called for chihuahua attack

The call came in and Seattle police responded. The reported crime: assault on a chihuahua. The dog's owner alleges a man in her apartment complex spit on her small dog from an upper balcony. The official police report noted the chihuahua was not seriously hurt. The officer could not resist adding that the dog "declined to speak with officers."

Compiled from wire services and other sources.