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Video: Gator snacks on golf ball after 'errant shot' at Port Charlotte course

Alligator sightings are nothing new on Florida golf courses, but a video shot over the weekend offers a bit more of a scary — though humurous — look at what can happen when one of the beasts gets a little to close to the action.

According to Fox 4 in Fort Myers, Dan McNamara was playing with a partner Saturday on the third hole at Long Marsh golf course at Rotunda West near Port Charlotte when an errant shot bounced toward a gator who was sitting along the bank of a pond.

The ball bonked the gator in the snout, getting its attention.

The gator then turned toward the ball, prowled toward it, then angled its snout and snatched the ball before slinking back into the water.

While the timing of the video may have been close to perfect, it's curious that the camera was trained directly on the gator while the ball lazily bounced its way. Some more skeptical types might suggest the ball was physically thrown toward the gator to get his attention.

Either way, it was the most entertaining instance of seeing a golf ball used to satisfy one's hunger since John Belushi chowed down on one in Animal House.