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Two arrested after vehicle collision during SOHO Tampa protest, police say

The incident took place during a protest march on S Howard Avenue.

TAMPA — The driver of a car blocking traffic on S Howard Avenue during a protest Tuesday evening was arrested after driving into another car, police said.

The driver of a white Kia, whose name was not released, faces a charge of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

A second unnamed person was arrested for “obstructing the investigation,” according to Tampa police, but the charges were not disclosed.

The incident took place around 7 p.m. on S Howard Avenue between W Azeele and Horatio Streets, near World of Beer and MacDinton’s Irish Pub.

Several dozen protesters were marching along S Howard and blocked traffic, police said. A few vehicles were blocked during the march.

The driver of a blue Jeep SUV tried to drive onto a sidewalk and go around the crowd, police said, but was blocked by protesters and the driver of a blue truck. When the truck pulled away, the Jeep driver re-entered the roadway. Police said the driver tried to go around the white Kia. A video shows a protester in front of the Jeep, backing up as it moved forward.

As the Jeep drove forward, police said, the Kia “intentionally hit the side of the Jeep.”

Protesters quickly swarmed the Jeep, preventing the driver from going any further. Tampa police released video of the incident on social media and so did protesters.

Tampa police said the investigation is continuing.