Check out the facial tattoos of the man called the ‘Miami Joker.’

Lawrence Patrick Sullivan’s 2017 arrest and tattoo-filled mug shot earned him infamy. So why is he in the Pinellas County jail?
Published November 13 2018
Updated November 13 2018

GULFPORT — Lawrence Patrick Sullivan became Internet famous after his 2017 arrest in Miami-Dade County revealed the colorful array of facial tattoos he had accumulated.

The self-styled tattoo model’s mug shot earned him a nickname: the “Miami Joker.”

Well, actually he’s from Kendall. But Sullivan’s green hair and facial tattoos bear a copyright-infringing likeness to the DC Comics’ character.

So what is Sullivan doing in the Pinellas County jail?

The tattoo model violated his probation from a charge of carrying a concealed firearm from the 2017 arrest, according to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.

Jail records don’t say how he violated his probation. But a probation officer did arrest him at a St. Petersburg home in the 200 block of Mirror Lake Drive N, according to the Sheriff’s Office. Sullivan also now lists a Gulfport address.

He was arrested on May 23, 2017 in West Kendall according to the Miami Herald, accused by Miami-Dade police of aiming a gun at passing vehicles. When officers spoke to him, Sullivan told them he had a loaded gun in his pocket. But he had no concealed weapons permit, police said, telling them “it’s expensive.”

Pinellas jail records list numerous tattoos, including: brass knuckles, 666 (also known as the ‘number of the beast’), a sword, a skull, the devil and the grim reaper. A close-up of his 2017 mugshot reveals Sullivan’s upper left forehead bears a giant bat tattoo with what appears to be a vulgar message directed at The Batman.

Sullivan was being held without bail late Tuesday. He will be likely returned to Miami-Dade to deal with the violation charge.