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Tax collector cautions about websites offering driver's license renewals

Published Aug. 7, 2013

Google the words "Florida Driver License Renewal" and an assortment of websites turn up, including two that offer services and information about the renewal process.

Those sites, which appear as advertisements atop the page, are not operated by the state of Florida. But their appearance in the list of results apparently has led some to believe they are, according to Hillsborough County Tax Collector Doug Belden.

Belden warned in an email that drivers have mistakenly visited these websites to renew their Florida driver's licenses.

The sites offer information about the process of renewing a Florida driver's license. They charge a $14 fee for people wanting assistance, Belden wrote.

"If you go onto the website, it does warn the customer they are not on a state website," Belden wrote. "But as always, many people do not read and they continue with the process."

The correct site to renew a Florida driver's license is