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The skinny: McCartney plays surprise show in London

Afternoon delight

McCartney plays surprise show in London

People who lunch at Covent Garden are used to jugglers, mimes and street musicians vying for their attention — and a spare coin or two — but Friday's performer didn't bother to pass the hat. Paul McCartney doesn't need the money. The ubiquitous former Beatle gave a surprise free performance from the back of a truck. McCartney performed tracks from his latest album New before thousands who gathered in the famous market square.

Felonious feline

Cat caught taking pot into prison

A cat has been busted for smuggling pot into a prison in Moldova. Guards became suspicious about the feline, which routinely entered and left the prison through a hole in a fence, when they noticed its odd collar. On closer inspection, they found two packets of marijuana attached to it. Officials said Friday that someone used the cat as a courier to supply inmates with dope.

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