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Two bombings kill 11 in Iraq, adding to toll in June<p></p>


two bombings kill 11, adding to toll in june

Two bomb blasts killed 11 people Monday night, police said, as Iraq's death toll continued to climb in the second bloodiest month since U.S. troops withdrew late last year. Police said a bomb hidden in a plastic bag exploded outside a pet store in Baqubah, killing five people and wounding three. An hour later, a minibus exploded in Hillah, killing six and wounding 26. The attacks bring Iraq's death toll for June to at least 175. Only January suffered a higher casualty rate, with at least 255 killed in attacks that were widely seen as al-Qaida's attempt to shock the country immediately after the last American troops left.


Jesse Jackson Jr. on medical leave

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. of Chicago has been on a medical leave for two weeks and is being treated for exhaustion, his office announced Monday. In a three-sentence news release, Jackson's office disclosed that the 47-year-old Democrat went on leave June 10 but did not provide further details, including how long he would be away.


Shootout kills 3 police officers

Three police officers were killed in a shootout Monday with suspected drug traffickers inside Mexico City's bustling international airport, authorities said. The shooting began when police moved in to arrest a number of suspected drug traffickers in Terminal 2 of the Benito Juarez International Airport, officials and witnesses said. The suspects opened fire, killing two police officers on the spot, and a third died later of his wounds.


Assange's request for asylum studied

Ecuador's foreign minister, Ricardo Patino, said Monday that lawyers convened by the government are studying the political and legal implications of granting exile to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. He took refuge in Ecuador's London Embassy last week in a last-ditch attempt to avoid extradition to Sweden, where he is wanted for questioning in the alleged sexual assault of two women.


Paraguay: The ousted president, Fernando Lugo, lashed out Monday at the political establishment that removed him from office after a hastily arranged trial last week, saying he would forge a popular movement aimed at regaining power.

Pakistan: A relatively rare cross-border raid into Pakistan by Afghan-based Taliban militants killed at least 13 Pakistani soldiers, the military said Monday. A Pakistani Taliban spokesman claimed responsibility for the attack and said 18 soldiers were killed.

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