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Frontier Communications launches tools to combat robocalls

The internet, phone and cable provider will help its customers better identify spam and fraudulent calls.

Sick of robocalls? Frontier Communications Co. is trying to curb them for its customers.

The internet, phone and cable provider launched two tools this week to help it battle the never-ending annoyance. One such tool is “STIR/SHAKEN,” software that checks to make sure a call really is coming from the number it says it is. This is meant to help cut down on “spoofing,” when a call appears to be coming from a trusted number but is actually coming from a fraudulent number.

The other is enhanced caller identification. This tool helps Frontier better determine if a call could be fraudulent or spam. If it is the latter the tool lets Frontier display a spam warning on the customer’s call screen to alert them not to answer the phone.

“Frontier is continually evolving strategies to protect our customers with a diversity of approaches," Mark Nielsen, chief legal officer for Frontier Communications, said in a release. Frontier’s latest effort he said, "forms another line of defense against robocalling.”