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Traveling for the holidays? Expect some significant traffic

According to AAA, the Auto Club Group, more Americans are traveling this year than previous years.

This holiday season could bring a record for people traveling.

According to AAA, the Auto Club Group, roughly 6.1 million Floridians plan to travel between Dec. 21 and Jan. 1, up 300,000 from last year. They will be part of 115.6 million Americans traveling during that period, up 4.3 million from last year.

“Holiday cheer is at an all-time high this year with unemployment at historically low levels and noted improvements in both disposable income and household net worth,” said AAA spokesman Mark Jenkins.

Floridians surveyed by AAA said they plan to make use of all modes of transportation to get to their holiday destinations: vehicles (5.5 million, up 200,000 from last year), planes (332,500, up 15,500 from last year) and trains, buses and cruise ships (230,600, 9,300 more than last year).