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Madico launches new $40 million headquarters in Pinellas Park

The manufacturer of industrial films says its new 247,000-square-foot home on Belcher Road is three times as large as the locations it replaces.
Madico spent $40 million developing its new corporate headquarters and factory on Belcher Road in Pinellas Park. [Amy Pezzicara | Pezz Photo] [PEZZ PHOTO | Madico]

PINELLAS PARK — Madico got its start making leather greeting cards when Theodore Roosevelt was president and has since evolved into a manufacturer of sophisticated industrial films that do everything from screen out ultraviolet rays to thwart graffiti vandals with cans of spray paint.

As of this month, it’s doing that business from a new 247,000-square-foot headquarters and manufacturing facility in Pinellas Park.

Madico, a Tampa Bay-based subsidiary of Lintec USA Holdings, employs more than 200 people, 75 of them hired last year to support its growth. The company purchased its new home at 9251 Belcher Road N, which is nearly three times larger than former locations in St. Petersburg and Woburn, Mass., in 2017 and has since invested more than $40 million building it out.

Madico makes window film for the automotive, architectural, safety and security industries, decorative films, specialty products for aerospace, transportation, health care, building materials and information display uses and products used in device protection and government installations. It has nine service centers in the United States and Canada.

Three families launched the forerunner of the company in Boston in 1903 as a maker of leather greeting cards and printed gift wrap. It later branched into metallized gift wrap ribbons, tinsel, and a luxury wrap of paper laminated with aluminum foil. It expanded to St. Petersburg in 2010.

“We’ve come a long way since Madico was founded over a century ago,” Madico president and chief executive officer Shawn Kitchell said in an announcement.