9 questions answered on the Tampa Bay Times home delivery changes

The Times is temporarily reducing print frequency to twice a week starting Monday, April 6.
Changes to Tampa Bay Times newspaper coming
Changes to Tampa Bay Times newspaper coming [ TIMES STAFF WRITER | Carolyn Fox ]
Published March 30, 2020|Updated April 2, 2020

What is happening with the Tampa Bay Times?

The Tampa Bay Times is temporarily reducing print frequency to twice a week. Starting the week of April 5, readers will receive the Times on Sundays and Wednesdays. The first day readers who subscribe to the daily print newspaper will experience a change will be Monday, April 6.

Why is the Times changing its print frequency?

Like most newspapers, the bulk of our revenue comes from print advertisements. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, retailers and event-related customers have been forced to close their doors to slow the spread of the virus. Many of them have canceled their advertisements. Under these circumstances, we cannot afford to print and deliver the paper every day.

How long will this change last?

This is a temporary measure to help our company navigate this unprecedented crisis. As we are able, we look forward to re-introducing print days.

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How am I supposed to get the latest news?

Our journalists are publishing stories on, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Subscribers have unlimited access to all content on and our mobile apps. Readers also can access the e-Newspaper, an exact digital replica of the print newspaper available seven days a week.

How do I get to the e-Newspaper?

Visit If you’re a subscriber and have not yet activated your account, please go to to enjoy the e-Newspaper. If you’ve activated your account but have not logged in, go ahead and log in now. You also can access the e-Newspaper from our Tampa Bay Times mobile app, available in the Google Play or to Apple stores.

I don’t think this is fair. I signed up for a newspaper every day.

We understand, but the coronavirus is forcing a lot of changes. We are still providing our journalism to you every day. We’ve simply changed our method of delivery, not the quality product we bring to you. In fact, we are expanding the e-Newspaper to include more features.

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If you still want to discuss your account, email us at Our Customer Service representatives will be in touch. You also may call 800-888-7012, but please be patient. We expect call volumes to be high as readers adapt to this change.

Shouldn’t I get a discount on my subscription?

We are not adjusting prices. Our subscribers will continue to receive our e-Newspaper and our online journalism seven days a week. If you do not have access already, go to and activate your subscription.

Will the Times still sell the paper on newspaper racks and at retailers?

Readers can find the Times in stores and in newspaper racks on Wednesday and Sundays, the days we will produce a print edition. On other days, we invite readers to view the e-Newspaper, which is a digital replica of the printed paper.

The Times provides home delivery for various publication such as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. Will those deliveries continue?

Our carrier force will work on Wednesdays and Sundays. The Times will deliver the New York Post and the New York Times on those days. Investor’s Business Daily and the Business Observer also will be delivered on Sundays. Readers can expect TV Weekly deliveries on Wednesdays. For information about publications not listed here, or to learn about how you can receive a publication on days we will not deliver, please contact the publication directly.