We’re seeking Top Workplace nominations even as the way we work changes

Our annual survey continues despite the coronavirus: Tell us about your Top Workplace.
[Illustration by Ron Borresen]
[Illustration by Ron Borresen] [ Ron Borresen ]
Published Aug. 31, 2020|Updated Aug. 31, 2020

The workplace has changed for many of us.

For some, it’s now a desk in the bedroom. Others have the sorts of jobs that require interacting face to face, either with coworkers and customers or clients, though now at a safe distance. Still, others may be working fewer hours or in different ways as their employer tries to figure out how to keep it going during a pandemic.

Suddenly what it means to have a great workplace may be totally different for many of us. Is it an employer who has managed to keep us feeling connected at a time when many of us are isolated? Maybe your boss had the vision that has enabled your company to adapt to trying circumstances. Or maybe nothing has changed at all and your employer is just awesome in the best and worst of times.

Whatever the answer, we want to hear about it.

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Once again, the Tampa Bay Times is seeking nominations for its annual Top Workplaces in Tampa Bay survey. Tell us what makes your workplace special. We fully expect this year’s nominees to come with some particularly interesting explanations.

And despite all that’s going on, we have added a dimension to our ranking. This year, for the first time, Tampa Bay area companies have the opportunity to hold themselves up to competition with workplaces nationally.

That’s right. In addition to determining the Top places to work around Tampa Bay, our partner Energage will compare our local businesses to workplaces around the country. How will our local companies stack up? We’ll see.

Energage conducts Top Workplaces surveys for media organizations in 51 markets and surveyed more than 2 million employees at more than 7,000 organizations in 2019. Many of those surveys take place in the communities that bay area economic development promoters use to compare job markets.

This is the 12th year the Times has conducted a regional ranking. Last year, Energage reached out to 1,628 organizations. They surveyed close to 35,000 employees in determining the Top 100 Workplaces, grouping them by small, medium and large organizations.

There are very few rules: Any organization with at least 50 employees based in Citrus, Hernando, Hillsborough, Manatee, Pasco and Pinellas counties may participate. Nominees can be public or private companies, non-profits or government organizations. We’ll evaluate workplaces based on a short 24-question survey of employees that is confidential. See, few rules.

We make it easy: Nominations can be submitted by employees or anyone else. The deadline to submit a nomination is Oct. 2. Here is the website to submit a nomination: Or if you’d prefer, here’s a phone number: 727-498-5578.

We look forward to hearing from you.