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Jennifer Orsi will lead Sarasota Herald-Tribune and 18 Gannett papers

She is joining the USA Today Network after leaving the journalism industry in 2018.
Jennifer Orsi began her career with the Tampa Bay Times in 1986.
Jennifer Orsi began her career with the Tampa Bay Times in 1986.
Published Jun. 29
Updated Jun. 29

Longtime Tampa Bay Times reporter and editor Jennifer Orsi is returning to the industry in a new role at USA Today Network, as the executive editor of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune and Florida regional editor.

She will oversee news coverage at the Herald-Tribune and 18 Gannett-owned papers, covering communities such as Pensacola, Palm Beach and Naples.

“I’m excited to work at a paper with such a legacy of excellence, and also with a team of editors striving to do important high-impact journalism,” she said.

Orsi, 54, left journalism in 2018 after three decades at the Tampa Bay Times. She started as an intern and joined the staff once she graduated from Indiana University. Eventually Orsi became managing editor in 2014 and the first woman to run the Times’ news operations.

The past few years, she has been the director of marketing content and communications for Carillon Tower Advisers, a subsidiary of Raymond James.

“I had a great job at a great company,” she said. “But I missed the sense of purpose I felt in journalism. This opportunity arose, and it seemed like a great fit.”

Orsi plans to move to the Sarasota area and assume the position on July 26.