Tampa Bay loves broccoli and chicken wings, Instacart finds

The grocery delivery app analyzed orders made in 2021 across the country.
An Instacart shopper makes a delivery.
An Instacart shopper makes a delivery. [ [Courtesy of Instacart] ]
Published Dec. 9, 2021|Updated Dec. 9, 2021

Tampa Bay ordered more broccoli and prepared chicken wings than the average American community from Instacart in 2021, according to a report by the grocery delivery app.

Tampa residents ordered broccoli 96 percent more often than people in other U.S. cities, based on an analysis of Instacart orders between January and November. And they ordered prepared chicken wings 94 percent more often on the app.

Other top items unique to Tampa were prepared sandwiches and wraps, mixed fruits and San Marzano tomatoes.

St. Petersburg’s most popular items this year were similar, except Pinot Grigio was more preferred than mixed fruits.

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It also was a big year for meat alternatives in Tampa Bay. Tampa ordered plant-based meats 74 percent more than other U.S. cities, and St. Petersburg ordered them 88 percent more, according to Instacart.

Some other top trends on Instacart this year? Social media and convenience.

Instacart found that viral food trends drove a lot of shopping decisions in 2021, and that likely will continue into 2022. For instance, ingredients for baked feta pasta, a recipe from Jenni Häyrinen on TikTok, spiked 106 percent in February. Tampa Bay saw a spike as well, though it was later than the average U.S. city, according to Instacart’s analysis.

On-the-go foods such as sandwiches and cereal bars made a comeback nationwide, Instacart said in a statement, adding that it’s a sign shoppers have been returning to pre-pandemic shopping behaviors this year.