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After failing to tip Outback server on $735 order, mega church finally pays up

After being fired from Outback Steakhouse for posting about a church not tipping her on a $735 take-out order on Facebook, Tamlynn Yoder was finally compensated.

Yoder would not specify how much the Palm Beach Gardens church, Christ Fellowship, gave her, but told the Miami Herald that the compensation totaled "more than 20 percent of the bill."

"A few church families came together and gave it to me. It was a very heartwarming situation," Yoder said. She noted that Outback has not contacted her since her termination.

Last week, Yoder spent most of her shift at a Naples Outback readying a take-out order for 25 church members. The 75-item order — placed by Christ Fellowship on Wednesday — included 25 steaks, 25 chicken dinners and 25 sides of potatoes.

The total bill was $735. When she got the receipt back, the tip amount was $0, she said.

Shortly after, Yoder took her frustration to Facebook. In a since-deleted post, Yoder vented on how she only received $18 in tips that day from other orders because she was so busy preparing the mega church's order.

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The next day she was fired. Outback previously said she had violated company policy by posting about the restaurant's customers.

However, Christ Fellowship leaders tried to reach her in the following days, she said.

"They told me they understood what was going on. They told me it wasn't their intention to not tip me and actually gave me a list of jobs that were hiring," Yoder said. "They want to help me find a new job."

On Monday afternoon, Yoder told the Herald she had just finished filling out a few applications at other nearby restaurants.

The 25-year-old says she plans on staying in the business because she hopes to open up her own comfort food eatery one day.

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Yoder plans to stream Facebook Live segments, asking her friends and followers to share their non-tipping stories and experiences.

"I want people to know that it's frustrating to do all this work and not getting paid to do all this work," she said in a video.