Bootler to aggregate food delivery services for Tampa

An online food ordering search engine, Bootler, officially launched on March 8 in Tampa. It's aiming to change the game in food delivery services.

Bootler provides consumers transparency in the delivery scene extracting data from Grubhub, Caviar, DoorDash, Postmates, Saucey and others, and puts it all in one place.

Users can easily search and discover restaurants that deliver in their neighborhood whether it's with their own service or one of the third party providers, and compare prices, delivery time and overall convenience without having to jump from app to app or open every website.

"It's very similar to or to Trivago in the travel space, or SeatGeek in the event ticket space in a sense that it aggregates multiple options for you and showcases the cheapest option," said CEO Michael DiBenedetto, Bootler.

"We've been fairly successful. The idea really resonates with consumers because everyone likes to save time and money, and make sure they get food as fast as possible."

The Chicago-based site started in 2016 and now has more than 40 major metro cities that utilize the service such as Atlanta, Boston, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Miami/Fort Lauderdale, Manhattan, Brooklyn, San Francisco and more, and now the Tampa Bay area.

"We look at major metropolitan markets in the United States and cities that have a large basis of working professionals and college students. With Tampa, there's a strong mix of both," said DiBenedetto.

DiBenedetto says it benefits restaurants as well because it draws loyal and valuable customers that took the time to seek which restaurant works best with what service and ultimately provides the best deal overall.

Bootler is a free website and an app available on iOS and android, and you do not have to have an account to use it.

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