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Tampa Bay Technology Forum rebrands name to, simply, Tampa Bay Tech

Whether it's a name shortening or a full re-branding, the regional technology advocacy group formerly known as the Tampa Bay Technology Forum is now known simply as Tampa Bay Tech. The group's executive director, Daniel James Scott, offered several reasons for the refreshed name. First, he suggested "the name was holding us back." The term "forum" used to be sexy but is now passe, he said, and "we didn't want that to continually reflect poorly on our community."

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Second, Scott said the word "technology" has taken on more of a "pop culture" definition while the shorter choice of "tech" is "more synonymous with cutting-edge, computer-based technologies."

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And third, he said the 17-year-old organization's existing name was not only too long, but posed another problem. Expressed as an acronym, "TBTF" was fine — until 2008. That's when the initials TBTF became better known in the wake of one of the nation's largest financial crises in the nation's history as "Too Big To Fail."

The tighter Tampa Bay Tech name, Scott said, is a "complete re-brand" and more reflective of and less distracting to the tech community the group represents. The re-branding, which comes with a new logo as well, was led by Jill St. Thomas, the group's director of partnerships and engagement, and the tech group's marketing chairman, Jason Warnke, a managing director at Accenture.