My Favorite Car: '99 and '04 C-5 Corvette, Richard Otte, 61, Inverness (with Raymond Otte, 56, Illinois)

Tampa Bay Times
Published Aug. 22, 2012

'99 and '04 C-5 Corvette

Ever since I was a kid, I enjoyed the styling of the Corvette. It really didn't matter which year it was as long as it was a Corvette. I liked them all. My brother, Ray, however, didn't share my sense of enthusiasm for the car. That all came to an end a couple of years ago when I finally purchased my first Corvette. A 1999 torch red dream come true. I kept the purchase of my new toy from my brother for about three months because he comes down every year to play golf with me and another brother, Bob. I was like a kid at Christmas. I wanted to tell them about it but I wanted them to see it first even more. When they finally saw it, I think they were totally astonished and I was as proud as a peacock. When Ray took it out for a drive he finally discovered the joy I have known for many years. With the golf playing done, my brothers went home and I was left with just my lovely wife and my new car. Life is good. About two weeks later, Ray called me with the news that he had just bought his own Corvette. A beautiful silver 2004 convertible. It only took him about 15 minutes to discover the thrill of driving one. In June of 2009 I had my right knee replaced and I wasn't able to drive my car. Ray drove down from Illinois just to take me out in his Corvette. For the entire weekend he drove me all over the area just to keep my spirits up. It was the best medicine I could have ever gotten. We had a great time. That's what I call brotherly love. By the way, Bob called me recently and said he's currently in the process of looking for his own Corvette. As for me and Ray, the Corvette is without a doubt our favorite car.