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My First Car: '35 Chevrolet sedan, Lawrence Johnson, 74, Seminole

Published Sep. 29, 2016

'35 Chevrolet sedan

In preparation for the day I was old enough to get my driver's license, I bought an old 1935 Chevrolet sedan that had been sitting in the weeds behind a gas station for many years. It had been painted green with a brush, all tires were flat and it wouldn't run, but to me it was perfect because I was able to buy it for $10. With the help of a couple of friends, we pulled it away from the gas station and parked it in the driveway. (Dad was very understanding.) Over several months I found a carburetor, coil and other parts and actually got it running. And those old tires held air! I could never find a fuel pump, so an old gas can strapped to the roof with a tube running to the carburetor solved the problem. Eventually I put in new carpets (found in a neighbor's trash), hand-sanded the green paint and then had it painted a popular color of the day called Honduras Maroon. Unfortunately, the $75 paint job was more red on one side and maroon on the other, but I still loved it. When I finally got my license, I realized the Chevy's three mechanical brakes and other problems made it a car I really didn't want on the road. In addition, I couldn't drive it very far because the gas can on the roof was just too small. The mandatory state safety inspection was another issue. I sold it for $300. It was a wonderful experience and provided lots of laughs and a learning experience I will never forget.


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