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My First Car: '68 Pontiac Tempest Lemans convertible, David L. Margraf, 66, Bradenton<p></p>

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Published Oct. 1, 2015

'68 Pontiac Tempest Lemans convertible

I first discovered the new Pontiac Lemans style at the 1967 Detroit Auto Show at Cobo Hall. I was a freshman at Northern Michigan University at the time. Upon entering the sophomore year, you could have a car at school. I told my father that if he would buy me the car, I would pay him back when I graduated in 1971. The car cost $3,435 out the door including taxes and plates. I drove it all through college and sold it in 1973 for $800. I transferred to Michigan State University and used to post signs in the girls dorms that I could provide rides home for the weekend from Lansing, Mich., to the Detroit area if they could share the cost of gas. It was a great way to meet girls! I remember one weekend in particular that during a gas war, I bought gas for 18 cents a gallon. It cost me $3 to fill my tank. I had a lot of great times in my first car.