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Study says Tampa has some of the highest overdraft and banking fees nationwide

Florida, including Tampa Bay, has some of the highest bank fees in the country, according to a recent study by bank comparison site DepositAccounts.

The website broke down overdraft fees, third-party ATM fees and monthly service fees to rank the 50 biggest metro areas by how much residents are paying in extra fees to banks and credit unions. West Palm Beach, Orlando, Tampa and Miami topped the list in that order.

Tampa Bay was given a "bank fee burden score" of 78 — the average overdraft fee came to $34.73. The study says that the average ATM fee in Tampa came in at $2.40 while the average monthly feel cost at $5.36. Other Florida metro areas had similar numbers, varying less than a dollar.

Overall, the numbers weren't too far off from each other — mainly with in the range of a couple dollar difference in overdraft fees around $33 and $32. That's except for the bottom two — Salt Lake City and Oklahoma City — which had reported overdraft fees at about $29.

Author Ken Tumin said in the report he used a database of deposit information from 1,711 banks and credit unions with branches in the metro areas.

The national average for all banks and credit unions' overdraft fees was $33.97; ATM fees, $2.28; and monthly fees, $4.48.

Online banks and credit unions had the lowest fees, on average, with ATM fees at 30 cents and monthly fees at 78 cents.

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