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C1 Bank CEO Trevor Burgess wins community banker of year award

CEO Trevor Burgess, 41, took C1 Bank public this year.
CEO Trevor Burgess, 41, took C1 Bank public this year.
Published Dec. 16, 2014

He has built a St. Petersburg-based bank into an institution with personality and performance. He has bought other Florida banks to grow his to $1.5 billion in assets and 28 branches, and took the bank public this past summer. He announced last spring that his bank would pay employees a $14-an-hour living wage. And he's one of only a few CEOs in the country who openly acknowledges he is gay.

For those and other reasons, C1 Bank CEO Trevor Burgess, 41, was named Community Banker of the Year, the first of three bankers this year to be named for the annual award by the American Banker daily newspaper. Burgess won for "building C1 into a distinctive brand with bright growth prospects," the publication states.

Burgess also drew attention because he brings "an investment banker's irreverence to the normally decorous business of community banking," American Banker said.

C1's headquarters, which is located in part of the Tampa Bay Times building in St. Petersburg, features trendy furniture, an "energy pod" where employees can catch quick naps and a room for breast-feeding mothers. More to the point is the work space. Burgess does not have an office, but rather shares a long desk with C1's financial officer and a project analyst who graduated from the bank's in-house management training program.

C1's biggest investor is a Brazilian investment group, Faria de Lima, whose partners include Burgess.