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Survey: Florida and Georgia not so neighborly behind the wheel

Published Sep. 16, 2014

Drivers from Florida and Georgia are apparently driving each other crazy.

Florida ranked 23rd and Georgia 25th among states with the rudest drivers based on a new survey by consumer insurance information website

But when drivers from individual states were asked where their rudest counterparts resided, Florida road warriors pointed to Georgia as the worst of the worst … while Georgians pointed right back to Florida.

"Casting aspersions toward other drivers is a long-standing tradition," said Amy Danise, editorial director for "We wanted to know not only where the rude drivers come from, but also who thinks they're rude."

The Golden State wasn't one for the golden rule; California surfaced as the biggest hater of drivers from the most states, casting bottom-of-the-barrel marks to Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Nevada, New York, Oregon, Texas, Utah and even Vermont.

Overall, who had the dubious distinction for rudest drivers in the country? It wasn't those much-maligned motorists from New York (which came in at No. 3) nor even those navigating the busy byways around Washington, D.C. (No. 2).

Based on the survey of 2,000 drivers, the rudest bunch behind the wheel — both pokey drivers and aggressive ones — reside in Idaho.