Ex-TBTF CEO lands a new technology job

Published June 2, 2014

Heather Kenyon has a new job after losing her position in April as CEO of the Tampa Bay Technology Forum. Kenyon starts work Friday as vice president of business development for BrightLine CPA Associates in Tampa. The firm provides compliance services for businesses.

Chris Schellman, CEO of Brightline, is a "fantastic operations person," says Kenyon, "so I am excited to learn from him." The firm has been a strategic partner for the TBTF for several years. Kenyon was named CEO of TBTF in late 2011. She was let go about a month ago after TBTF said it wanted the organization to take a different direction. TBTF's interim director and board chairman is Chase Stockon, CEO of the software development firm Panther International in St. Petersburg. A search for a new TBTF CEO is under way.