Labor department cracks down on back pay owed by Tampa tech firm Savtira

Published Apr. 16, 2012

The U.S. Department of Labor on Monday notified Savtira Corp. that it may be fined and could face legal action if the Tampa technology company does not reimburse its employees for back pay.

The company, based in Ybor City and touted locally as one of Tampa's up-and-comer tech businesses, has failed off and on for months to make payroll. Company CEO Tim Roberts told the bulk of its employees via email Monday that Savtira had to "involuntarily send everyone home until we complete our funding and catch up on outstanding pay."

Department of Labor spokesman Mike Wald said his agency's wage and hour division may find Savtira in violation of fair labor standards laws since at least January. Savtira has made some payments to employees since then, Wald said, but the company is still behind.

Savtira burst on the Tampa Bay technology scene in early 2011 with a business providing online sales and retail platforms for businesses. The company's niche was based on cloud computing, a hot tech trend in Internet technology that stores and manages company data on remote servers rather than local servers operated by individual companies.

At Savtira's headquarters at 2101 East Palm Avenue in Ybor City, a small crew of company employees was present Monday. None agreed to be interviewed.

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