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Published Sep. 16, 2016

Frontier claims 'tough times' in the past | Sept. 11

Article ignores the facts

Your latest article on Frontier is yet another reason we no longer subscribe to the Tampa Bay Times. What a "fluff" piece of yellow journalism that has ignored the true facts on one of the most despised businesses ever to muscle its way into this area.

With the PSC no longer in charge of complaints, and the city of Tampa only caring about collecting taxes on the so-called "service," it leaves only the FCC to handle complaints. The FCC is another useless branch of our government that isn't looking to help any consumers with problems caused by big outfits like Frontier.

We, after dozens of phone calls, days of waiting for repair people to show up that don't, and listening to every single repair person state they wish they worked elsewhere, found a solution.

After being ignored for the umpteenth time, we bought an Ooma. This telephone service works great, costs less than $5 a month and doesn't involve the daily hassle of trying to get Frontier to respond. As for DVR and TV service, I built a tall pole and attached a digital antenna, along with buying a Roku. Again, no problems, other than when I contacted Frontier, canceled both services, and was assured they would not disconnect our Internet until we called back, as Frontier was unwilling to match Bright House's price, with Frontier's cost being over double.

Bright House's installation was delayed due to the massive amounts of customers calling in to switch. They also have had to hire a lot more employees to handle this new workload. We will now have (faster Internet service) at a cost substantially lower than Frontier.

This brings us back to Frontier, which promptly disconnected all services, including our Internet, rendering our phone service inoperable. As a disabled person with a heart condition, I need access to 911. After almost two hours of arguing with Frontier, and a demand for an additional $124 and a 24-hour wait, they did reconnect our Internet, which is still not working as good as with Verizon.

They have informed us of yet another $84 charge to disconnect. Okay, but they broke our contact numerous times over the last several months and owe us a refund on the lousy service and for the cost of our time in dealing with these issues (including not showing up). I will have that bill ready soon.

Craig R. McNees, Tampa

Customer: Don't believe Frontier

I read the interview with the executives from Frontier Communications and was appalled at their answers. They continue to insist that the problems were not a big deal.

At my house, the serviceman came out at least four or five times. In all cases, they said the same thing and it was that Frontier used their own software instead of continuing to use FIOS's.

We were paying almost $250 a month for services! For almost five months of poor service, interruption of service and lack of available platforms we were paying, we got a whopping $25 credit!

The attorney general made some noise about them but it was for show. I cannot understand how these guys can say such BS and expect people to believe them! That is why I switched to another carrier — tired of the runaround!!!

Peter Serbanos, Clearwater


Sunday's headline reads "Frontier claims tough times in the past.'' My latest billing shows a raise of $32.48 over my previous bill. Calling does not solve anything. People who answer the calls are trained to say that everything is okay. I need TV to be in my life for entertainment, etc. This company needs to be INVESTIGATED.

D.G. Murray, New Port Richey

Laughable responses

Frontier's front men responses from Bob Elek and David Woods have us rolling on the floor with laughter. They bring back memories of old Abbott and Costello skits. Will they be doing any standup comedy at clubs in the Tampa Bay area?

Jim Calvani, Seffner