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Apps to keep baseball scores on hand

Now that it's baseball season, smartphone apps make it easy to check scores during important meetings and dinner dates. Just keep nodding.

ESPN ScoreCenter, free from ESPN Inc. for Android and Apple's iOS, lets you check any score, any time, for virtually any sport. To set up the app for your favorite sports and teams, you'll need to log in with a Facebook account or register at Then log in from the app and start selecting.

In settings, you'll be prompted to tell the app whether you want to be alerted to team news, or to when your teams start games, score or finish games. At Bat, the baseball app from Major League Baseball, is free for Android and Apple but stresses its limitations by constantly offering paid upgrades to view or listen to live games — you pick home or away announcers. The minimum upgrade is $2.99 a month for game audios, a live "game of the day," other features, and elimination of banner ads.

Yahoo Sportacular, by Yahoo Sports, free for Android and Apple, covers major sports.