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Hernando County real estate transactions for April 29

Published Apr. 26, 2016


4855 Hickory Oak Dr., to Keith T. Jarman & Kelly A. Jarman by Moradas Ridge LLC, $395,000, 02/26/2016.

16022 Snow Memorial Hwy, to Gerald E. Corman & Karen E. Corman by Kevin P. Rea, $330,000, 03/09/2016.

2006 Culbreath Rd., to Leslie R. Freeland & Jacqueline R. Freeland by James E. Varn, $225,000, 03/03/2016.

157 Mt Fair Ave., to Wayne M. Baxter & Roxanne M. Baxter by George C. Heady & Monika Heady, $180,000, 03/09/2016.

30942 Satinleaf Run, to Steven A. Geib by Lgi Homes Florida LLC, $171,900, 03/04/2016.

672 White Flower Way, to Priscilla Simmons by Jeffrey L. Frazier Jr. & Andrea L. Frazier, $145,000, 02/29/2016.

13381 Glory Ln., to Michael A. Leggett & Kristin A. Leggett by Anthony Michaud & Sandra K. Jarrett, $137,500, 03/04/2016.

4400 Culbreath Rd., to Michael David Couch & Kitty H. Couch by Credit Union Suncoast & Schools Federal Credit Union Suncoast, $135,000, 03/04/2016.

15290 Copper Loop, to Ryan James Smith & Bryne Keely Smith by Rrcap Sfr 1 LLC, $118,000, 03/16/2016.

12001 Rebel St., to Jonathan J. Hayes by Robert Lloyd Carter & Deborah J. Carter, $110,000, 03/18/2016.

14802 Brookridge Blvd., to Linda Christy Davidson by Paul D. Mazur Jr., $105,000, 03/15/2016.

315 Garfield Ave., to Keith Scott Westbrook Jr. by Lois Ann Burney, $105,000, 03/16/2016.

12032 Diplomacy Ave., to Daniel L. Martin by Daniel J. Leahy & Amy J. Leahy, $89,000, 03/08/2016.

251 N Lemon Ave., to Jenee N. Piazza by Paul A. Zambrano, $79,900, 03/24/2016.

19367 Oliver St., to Justin Head by Peggy Susan Beil, $69,800, 03/23/2016.

12129 Club House Rd., to Paul F. Mercer & Joyce L. Mercer by Barbara Ann Leblanc & Barbara Ann Plunkett, $67,000, 03/21/2016.

17470 Sandlewood Ave., to Julie Etheredge by George C. Knight & Joanne Knight, $65,000, 02/25/2016.

7511 Moriah Ave., to Lawrence Thompson by Richard A. Gay, $62,300, 03/24/2016.

22375 Paul Dr., to Robert Christian & Phyllis Christian by George R. Harris & Nora E. Harris, $60,000, 03/24/2016.

14205 Sandhurst St., to Stanley E. Evingham & Sharon B. Evingham by Michel Decola & Josiane Decola, $53,000, 03/24/2016.

5330 Emerson Rd., to Christopher William Dick by Fred Haines, $53,000, 03/24/2016.

12375 Club House Rd., to Kenneth E. Greenlaw & Deanna B. Greenlaw by Gloria A. Willett & Wesley L And Gloria A Willett Trust, $52,000, 02/29/2016.

8048 Mission St., to Vincent Kincaid & Janet Kincaid by Karla Eakins & Weber Trust, $50,500, 03/21/2016.

11502 Fairway Ave., to Stephan J. Campana by Paul R. Rivenberg & Peter S. Rivenberg, $50,000, 03/10/2016.

7440 First Circle Dr., to Gladys Irene Heiligenthal & Norma Marie Taylor by Judy Anderson & Emily Lamond, $50,000, 02/20/2016.

7397 First Circle Dr., to Benjamin Wharton & Rhonda Wharton by Charles A. Berry & Doris M. Berry, $48,500, 03/02/2016.

8240 St. Mark Dr., to Sam Butcher & Wilma D. Butcher by Wesleyan Bible Conference Association Inc, $45,000, 03/23/2016.

8452 Mohican Ave., to Deborah S. Simons & Stephen M. Simons by A 1 Realty Design Inc & 8452 Mohican Ave Land Trust, $45,000, 02/26/2016.

128 Highland St., to Jon D. Lumsden & Susan L. Lumsden by Pamela R. Bailey, $43,000, 02/26/2016.


3200 Gulf Winds Cir., to Terry L. Elferdink & Bonnie L. Elferdink by Wells Fargo Bank Na & Wachovia Bank Na, $258,000, 02/15/2016.


2435 Grandfather Mtn, to Joel Reed Bender & Lynn Zagora Bender by Beth Rooney Suereth, $257,500, 03/19/2016.

4287 River Birch Dr., to Walter A. Wilborn Jr. by Larry R. Goulet Trustee & Katherine S. Goulet Trustee, $256,000, 03/11/2016.

420 Silas Ct., to Kerry G. Enloe & Nilda Enloe by Mark Lorenzetti & Cecelia Lorenzetti, $250,000, 03/10/2016.

2456 Danforth Rd., to William A. Lainey & Donna M. Phillips by Anthony G. Boze & Brenda K. Boze, $240,000, 03/16/2016.

11372 Orangewood Ct., to Gene Robert Bedell & Barbara Jean Poston Bedell by Peter Cannon & Joleen Cannon, $235,000, 03/24/2016.

8137 Sugarbush Dr., to Charlotte L. Hoffman & Carol B. Roussos by Carol B. Roussos, $175,800, 03/11/2016.

14107 Bensbrook Dr., to Addias C. Tolliver & Aleksandra Tolliver by Anna K. Martel, $170,000, 03/07/2016.

2302 Dorchester Ct., to Timothy Phillips & Patricia Phillips by D. Donovanmargaret, $166,000, 03/15/2016.

13507 Coronado Dr., to Yanara Gonzalez by Jorge Astorquiza Jr., $165,000, 03/23/2016.

232 Royal Palm Way, to William E. Jarvis & Irene M. Kostka by Lori A. Morrison Succ Trustee & Fonzo Family Trust, $165,000, 03/08/2016.

7660 Holiday Dr., to George R. Pryor & Linda A. Pryor by Vincent J. Kincaid & Janet Kincaid, $161,000, 03/18/2016.

10040 Heathcliff St., to Oniel Diaz & Gladys M. Diaz by Maronda Homes Inc Of Florida, $155,000, 03/04/2016.

9050 Mccormick St., to Joseph R. Betts & Cindy L. Betts by Edith J. Keene & John R. Keene, $149,700, 03/22/2016.

10448 Sheffield Rd., to Peter M. Sieverts by Catherine M. Barbera & Caterina M. Barbera, $145,000, 03/11/2016.

2315 Hunley Ln., to David C. Pebley & Carol J. Pebley by Pinnacle Property Solutions LLC, $144,300, 03/11/2016.

11188 Roman St., to William R. Chamberlain & Lynn Chamberlain by Patricia Klan, $144,000, 03/21/2016.

10468 Elgin Blvd., to Stephanie Allen by Victor Wigner, $135,500, 03/11/2016.

11264 Sheffield Rd., to Eladio E. Romero & Luz M. Romero by Odr Investments LLC, $133,500, 03/15/2016.

7044 Covewood Dr., to Autumn M. Humphrey by Andrew S. Amruso, $132,500, 03/14/2016.

6269 Ocean Pines Ln., to Edward J. Oconnell & Patricia A. Oconnell by Kathleen L. Dubois, $131,400, 03/10/2016.

1112 Tryon Cir., to Kevin Mccaffery & Mindy Mccaffery by Paul E. Vanscoter & Cheryl L. Vanscoter, $130,000, 03/28/2016.

6301 Swan Ln., to David L. Kirchner & Diane R. Kirchner by Gloria J. Kozlosky Succ Trustee & Gloria J. Kozlosky, $130,000, 03/18/2016.

4355 Lamson Ave., to Robert A. Giuri by Joseph Horan Jr., $129,000, 03/16/2016.

11422 Kingstree Ct., to Mary Palkovich by Janet K. Hines Trustee & Residence Subtrust Of The Blue Rock Ccd Trust, $127,500, 03/22/2016.

7239 Big Bend Dr., to Cheryl Holladay by Kenneth G. Lohse & Flora G. Lohse, $126,300, 03/07/2016.

11458 Pickford St., to Mohinder Paul Singh & Jasbir Singh by Evelyn M. Stittums & Dennis Stittums, $125,500, 03/11/2016.

2425 Sonnet Ave., to Susana F. Sarroca Gonzalez by Pensco Trust Company & Lincoln Trust Company, $125,000, 03/17/2016.

5529 Ashland Dr., to Michelle L. Danielson & Steven Indelicato by Ledge C. Lang, $119,900, 03/24/2016.

7111 Toledo Rd., to Edward P. Gartland by Linda Matola, $119,900, 03/24/2016.

8068 Earlshire Ln., to Donna Pearson & Alan E. Pearson by Dorothy Chutter & Herbert Chutter, $118,000, 03/16/2016.

8415 Annapolis Rd., to Lisa Kerekach & Steven Kerekach by Henry P. Mercier & Diane M. Herrick Mercier, $116,000, 03/10/2016.

6436 Lost Tree Ln., to Larry R. Goulet Trustee & Katherine S. Goulet Trustee by Margaret Pretzer Young & Young Margaret Pretzer, $115,500, 04/01/2016.

2129 Anchor Ave., to Sherry L. Toms by Mary M. Jemmott, $115,000, 02/29/2016.

7521 Holiday Dr., to Jeanne M. Holda & Sharon M. Holda by William Michael Boyd, $115,000, 03/07/2016.

2070 Arbuckle Rd., to Laurie A. Stackpole by Mary Elizabeth Paulino, $113,500, 03/18/2016.

5171 Jenson Ave., to Rost Investments LLC by John W. Scott & Vilma Scott, $113,000, 03/04/2016.

2453 Rim Dr., to Firebird Sfe I LLC by Equity Properties & Development LLC, $105,000, 02/29/2016.

390 Holt Ln., to Catherine K. Tindal & Ty Zane Tindal by Juliana Atwood & Michael A. Cisarik, $105,000, 03/18/2016.

6422 Fairlawn St., to Mina Chaudhry by 7ya LLC, $105,000, 03/24/2016.

11470 Riddle Dr., to Shan Mcquown by John J. Kaltenecker Succ Trustee & Mary Ann Kaltenecker Trust, $101,000, 03/18/2016.

1379 Arbuckle Rd., to Joseph P. Arvay & Jamchan Arvay by Elizabeth Shiroishi & Marie Shiroishi, $99,900, 02/24/2016.

6031 Town Ct., to Mohamed E. Mohamed & Sandra T. Guerrero by Bank Of America Na, $92,100, 02/29/2016.

1327 Bishop Rd., to Angela M. Grace Trustee & Bishop Rental Land Trust by Bank Of America Na, $92,000, 03/07/2016.

10375 Lacy St., to David Martini by Theresa M. Dematteo & Theresa M. Dematteo Trustee, $85,000, 03/17/2016.

10401 Horizon Dr., to Ronald L. Cote & Rosemary L. Cote by Todd Mogenson, $82,500, 03/09/2016.

14059 Gregory St., to Deirdre Gaffny & Garrett S. Borth by Patricia Horvath & Bertalan Horvath, $82,000, 03/10/2016.

7279 Greenleaf Ln., to Ricky T. Fenstermacher by Christopher Cooper, $76,500, 03/14/2016.

8212 Eleanor St., to Henry P. Mercier by Joseph A. Vento, $76,500, 03/12/2016.

10260 Gifford Dr., to Dmd Investors Inc by Bank Of New York Mellon & Bank Of New York, $76,300, 03/09/2016.

8188 Berkeley Manor Blvd., to Karolann E. Atkins by Francis J. Mccarthy Jr. Trustee & Francis J. Mccarthy Trustee, $75,000, 03/11/2016.

2028 Linwood Ave., to Christian K. Radecki by Mary Jane Deprest & Ronald Deprest, $72,000, 03/11/2016.

7480 Gates Cir., to Valerie D. Silver by Irene M. Gancarz & Irene M Gancarz Revocable Trust, $66,000, 03/03/2016.

4491 Cadbury Rd., to Evelyn Gaddis by Steven M. Bradley, $60,000, 03/23/2016.

9284 Marler Rd., to Joy L. Roberts & Roger Martinez by U S Bank Na & Bnc Mortgage Loan Trust 2007 2 Mortgage Pass Through Certificates Series 2007 2, $55,700, 03/11/2016.

1025 Cobblestone Dr., to Dylan Hall & Kasandra Daniels by Robert Mccarthy & Diane Mccarthy, $53,500, 03/24/2016.

6600 Talbot Cir., to Kenneth J. Fanter by Gordon Leon Vosburgh & Jane Vosburgh, $53,000, 02/25/2016.

3362 Stephens Blvd., to Levi L. Reeves Jr. & Sandra K. Jackson by Billy J. Barker & Mildred A. Barker, $45,000, 03/17/2016.


9161 Lake Cypress Loop, to John E. Carey & Beverly J. Carey by Joseph D. Rosen & Beverly K. Rosen, $415,000, 03/01/2016.

10088 Airy Oaks Ct., to Kyong S. Park by Dennis T. Regan Trustee & Rosanna S. Regan Trustee, $320,000, 03/17/2016.

9272 Butler Blvd., to Leslie Raymond Jackson Trustee & Patricia Ann Jackson Trustee by W. Paulsen Pa Ralph, $270,000, 03/25/2016.

6278 Island Dr., to William B. Pent Jr. & Nancy S. Pent by Lynda A. Shockley, $240,000, 03/25/2016.

14348 Mulkerin Dr., to Myron Boguslawski & Margaret B. Boguslawski by David A. Maternowski Trustee & Louise R. Maternowski Trustee, $198,000, 03/10/2016.

19008 Pake Rd., to Christopher Comstock by Southeast Property Acquisitions LLC, $175,000, 03/11/2016.

9343 French Quarters Cir., to Lester A. Hutchinson & Hutchinson Ann Belgio by Eugene Ferrante Jr., $156,500, 03/07/2016.

10084 Marengo St., to Edward J. Marsicano & Lana L. Marsicano by Augustus A. Taylor, $140,000, 03/10/2016.

12126 Skimmer Ave., to Richard L. Rigdon & Ara G. Rigdon by Autumnwood Homes Inc, $138,900, 03/10/2016.

7946 Chaucer Dr., to Wayne Whitehead & Aimee Whitehead by Paul Karambelas Succ Trustee & Theresa Karambelas Revocable Trust, $133,000, 03/21/2016.

6621 River Run Blvd., to Frank C. Dasaro & Vanessa L. Dasaro by Melissa Porpora & Robert J Capp Irrevocable Trust, $127,500, 02/26/2016.

15284 Mount Sparrow Rd., to Dennis J. Cisek Sr. & Fran Cisek by U S Bank Na & Mastr Adjustable Rate Mortgages Trust 2007 3, $120,800, 03/22/2016.

11359 Furley Ave., to Amber Marie Sroka by Southeast Property Acquisitions LLC, $100,000, 03/09/2016.

7334 Berwick Way, to Bryan A. Nicolini by Timothy F. Harvey, $92,000, 03/15/2016.

7444 Dundee Way, to David W. Walsh by Andrew Barber & Darlina M. Barber, $81,300, 03/08/2016.


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