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Hernando real estate transactions for June 10, 2016 Hernando County real estate transactions f0r June 10, 2016

Published Jun. 8, 2016


5381 Southern Valley Loop, to Steven D. Adams & Adams Marilyn Pearson by Michele L. Bradley, $305,500, 05/16/2016.

5113 Spring Lake Hwy, to Robert I. Martin & Robert I. Martin III. by Maureen L. Charles & Marianne F. Charles, $278,000, 04/25/2016.

8277 Cresap St., to James M. Ledergerber & Catherine L. Goddard by Jerry R. Davis & Janine C. Davis, $270,000, 04/29/2016.

701 Museum Ct., to Michael J. Dolan & Tina J. Jarvis by David R. Mango & Renee Mango, $193,000, 05/06/2016.

6099 Spring Lake Hwy, to Ronald Rose & Judy G. Rose by Mildred E. Leduc & Robert E. Leduc, $160,000, 04/07/2016.

10121 Foley St., to Stephanie Dawn Marler by Andrea E. Wilcome & Andrea E. Laduron, $124,900, 05/09/2016.

6133 Lockhart Rd., to Thomas Gupton & Megan Gupton by Deutsche Bank National Trust Company & Morgan Stanley Home Equity Loan Trust 2007 2 Mortgage Pass Through Certificates Series 2007 2, $106,900, 03/30/2016.

15581 Brookridge Blvd., to Clayton B. Ingrahm & Kathleen M. Ingrahm by Alberto Cocco Sr. & Alberto Cocco Living Trust, $85,000, 05/12/2016.

14043 Brookridge Blvd., to Marvin S. Flikkema & Patricia A. Flikkema by DonaldPratt & Robert A. Cooper, $73,000, 05/10/2016.

26232 Mondon Hill Rd., to Bogard Land Trust by Milton Gary Bogard & Lynn M. Bogard, $72,000, 05/10/2016.

8698 Highpoint Blvd., to Edward W. Mead & Barbara Mead by Robert S. Honoshofsky & Diane E. Honoshofsky, $69,900, 05/09/2016.

301 Highland St., to Albert J. Svoboda & Jill V. Svoboda by Venerable LLC, $43,000, 03/28/2016.


3341 Mangrove Dr., to William W. Moore Jr. & Nancy R. Cleveland by George K. Suydam & George Suydam, $440,000, 04/25/2016.

3365 Gulf Coast Dr., to David O. Stroly & Karen M. Stroly by Dyllian M. Gonzalez, $275,000, 04/26/2016.

4476 Kingston Dr., to David Cullum & Tami Cullum by William R. Andryusky & Maria Andryusky, $270,000, 05/13/2016.

4092 Flamingo Blvd., to Ascent Inv LLC by Mark C. Ruddeforth & Phyllis J. Ruddeforth, $252,000, 04/29/2016.

3398 Poinsettia Dr., to Gary Tiffany & Rita Tiffany by James C. Cooley & Janet B. Cooley, $152,500, 05/09/2016.


14305 Hunt Club Ln., to Thomas P. Prentice by Barry J. Motta & Lois J. Motta, $250,000, 05/16/2016.

4287 Rachel Blvd., to Doreen R. Martin by Daisy M. Groeger & Richard Groeger, $225,000, 05/06/2016.

12313 Knotty Pine Ct., to Michael D. Bauman & Bridget A. Bauman by James F. Glenn & Mary E. Glenn, $219,400, 05/04/2016.

14233 Eastmount Rd., to William Andryusky & Maria Andryusky by Ronald C. Denny & Carolyn Denny, $210,000, 05/13/2016.

13064 Huntington Woods Ave., to Gehan Farag & Hamid Megahed by Joseph Connelly & Eileen Connelly, $196,000, 04/29/2016.

353 Greenwich Cir., to James J. Curran & June Curran by Marcus David Davenport, $172,500, 04/27/2016.

1369 Alameda Dr., to Denise L. Guitar by Walter Hyland & Rebecca A. Hyland, $170,000, 05/05/2016.

8120 Clipper Ct., to Gregory J. Lewis & Dorothy K. Lewis by Frederick S. Lehman & Loretta M. Lehman, $165,000, 03/31/2016.

3221 Aldoro Ave., to John S. Vansil by Adam Avramides, $162,000, 05/06/2016.

10462 Ventura Dr., to Adam Paul Bouchard & Bethany Kaye Bouchard by Helen Sciabica & Helen Sciabica Revocable Living Trust, $159,900, 05/04/2016.

11096 Sheffield Rd., to Heredia Carlos M. Lopez & Alicia Rivera Alcazar by Mary Suchodolski & Jack Suchodolski, $159,000, 05/13/2016.

2481 Whispering Pines Ct., to Maureen A. Moynahan & Thomas A. Moynahan by Wayne Banfield & Carolyn Devallet Madden, $150,000, 04/15/2016.

13116 Oneida St., to Rodolfo Rodriguez & Zaida Rodriguez by Adams Homes Of Northwest Florida Inc, $145,700, 05/06/2016.

10421 Bedford Rd., to James Joseph Vanek & Karen Sue Vanek by Theresa M. Lance, $145,000, 05/02/2016.

10427 Bedford Rd., to William J. Blackburn & Bobbie J. Blackburn by Donald C. Scheich Trustee & Mary Ann Scheich, $145,000, 05/04/2016.

9221 Eldridge Rd., to James Redding by Madeline M. Pina & Robert C. Pina, $145,000, 05/09/2016.

4252 Augustine Rd., to Tricia A. Driscoll by Marc J. Hallal & Maryjane E. Hallal, $142,000, 05/09/2016.

4014 Treetop Cir., to Nicholas Horne by Paul A. Zambrano, $138,900, 05/09/2016.

5155 Jenson Ave., to Wilson Silva & Luz Silva by Keystone Challenge Fund Inc, $138,900, 05/03/2016.

2372 Rolling View Dr., to Louis J. Agliata by Geraldine S. Hayes & Raymond V. Hayes, $136,000, 04/19/2016.

13366 Drayton Dr., to Maritsally Figueroa Colon & Oscar Diaz Echevarria by Tbv Enterprises LLC, $135,000, 05/06/2016.

332 Rochester St., to Beverle Gilmore by Shirlee M. Jermain, $132,000, 05/10/2016.

4214 Canongate Ct., to Macquade Mcnaughton by Pro 2013 S3 Legal Title Trust & U S Bank Na, $130,000, 04/12/2016.

6577 Pine Meadows Dr., to Thomas J. Caruso & Kathy A. Caruso by Ted F. Tucker & Angela N. Tucker, $129,900, 05/09/2016.

5056 Lamson Ave., to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company & Morgan Stanley Abs Capital I Inc Trust 2006 He7 Mortgage Pass Through Certificates Series 2006 He7 by Douglas Rogers & Douglas E. Rogers, $123,100, 04/12/2016.

2235 Lytham Ct., to John T. Jennings & Mary Jennings by Stephanie Cucurullo & Margaret Schulze, $120,000, 04/19/2016.

7025 Fairlawn St., to Vladimir Perez by Carl J. Roberts, $120,000, 05/04/2016.

5186 Odin St., to Ileana Gonzalez Lozano by Barbara Bishop, $117,000, 05/10/2016.

2024 Meredith Dr., to Mary Ann Walker by Coast Equities Inc, $116,900, 05/06/2016.

1113 Barger Ave., to Robert James Lyons & Diana Lyons by Timothy J. Gunsteens & Judy L. Gunsteens, $116,000, 05/06/2016.

1089 Tryon Cir., to Jason Hurd & Jessica Hurd by Rick Grdn Nall & Kenneth Deligdish, $115,000, 04/25/2016.

11341 Portola Ln., to Cliff Beton Trustee & Holly Etzel Beton Trustee by Hsbc Bank Usa Na & Deutsche Alt A Securities Mortgage Loan Trust Series 2007 1 Mortgage Pass Through Certificates, $111,100, 05/06/2016.

2185 Timber Lodge Ln., to George Gorski & Alicja Gorski by U S Bank Na & U S Bank Na Nd, $107,000, 05/04/2016.

10460 Audie Brook Dr., to Ardita Mulaj by Richard James Blundell, $102,000, 04/04/2016.

5062 Juliet Ct., to Keith H. Anderson & Tamra Beyer Anderson by Ruth E. Oppert, $98,000, 05/13/2016.

14061 Tyringham St., to Michael Ohalloran & Jessica Ohalloran by Patricia Beals & Patricia S. Beals, $97,500, 05/06/2016.

2193 Maximilian Ave., to Rrcap Sfr I LLC by Dc Residential Acquisition Company LLC, $95,600, 04/28/2016.

2250 Canfield Dr., to Matthew W. Zubritsky by Glenn Mitchell & Tina Mitchell, $95,000, 05/09/2016.

8122 Wooden Dr., to Amy Sue Plazaola by Dean P. Myers, $88,000, 05/09/2016.

5426 Alderwood St., to Christopher Scofield & Odette Scofield by William W. Bock Jr. & William W. Bock Jr. Trustee, $87,500, 04/21/2016.

9448 Northcliffe Blvd., to Travis R. Harris by Dianne Seeley, $84,900, 05/06/2016.

6329 Sunbird Ln., to James Anthony Gelfo by Gary N. Petersen & Theresa A. Petersen, $78,000, 05/12/2016.

1620 Piper Rd., to Harry David Blumberg by Ronald P. Szelc & Sylvia E. Szelc, $74,900, 05/09/2016.

9471 Purdy St., to Daniel J. Hernandez & Stephanie Matos by Peter Davison & P. Davison, $67,000, 03/24/2016.

10065 Gifford Dr., to Richard M. Mayer & Eneida Muniz by Lawrence King & Anne King, $66,000, 05/05/2016.

2132 Sea Pines Ct., to John D. Bryant & Steve J. Edwards by Thomas J. Falkowski & Michelle Falkowski, $65,000, 05/06/2016.

6093 Applegate Dr., to Yvonne D. Baker & Jeffrey S. Baker by Barbara J. Smith, $55,000, 05/06/2016.

6052 Newmark St., to Ryan A. Aanonsen & Eric K. Aanonsen by Oriana Buckley, $52,000, 05/03/2016.


12130 Osprey Ave., to Janet G. Taylor & Malcolm E. Taylor Jr. by Edmund Maneri, $370,000, 04/05/2016.

10105 Lazy Days Ct., to James R. Stearns & Susan H. Stearns by Robert Fleischer & Laurie A. Fleischer, $268,000, 04/26/2016.

5307 Tuscawilla Ct., to Phillip D. Hurley & Maryann T. Hurley by Robert Burke Ii. & Kendra Burke, $212,000, 04/28/2016.

8405 Delaware Dr., to Richard Tubbs & Tubbs Tammy Rivera by Samuel C. Freeman & Andrea Freeman, $145,000, 05/10/2016.

12367 Marsh Hawk Rd., to Theresa Lobocchiaro by Evelyn Walsh Brown, $85,000, 05/12/2016.

9336 Nakoma Way, to Kathleen F. Gauthier & Michael J. Bennett by Linda Mastropasqua & Lori Sarnataro, $55,500, 04/19/2016.

7646 St. Andrews Blvd., to Mark Frankel & Valeria Frankel by Margaret E. Davis & Margaret E. Kelly, $50,000, 05/05/2016.

9404 Cougar Dr., to Stanley A. Davis & Sarah L. Davis by Sarah Kathryn Roos & Kathrun Roos, $42,000, 05/16/2016.


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