Coupons you need to use this week at Publix, Winn-Dixie and Target in Tampa Bay starting July 26

Shoppers look through the aisles of the remodeled Winn-Dixie at 805 E. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. (Courtesy of Winn-Dixie, July 19, 2018)
Shoppers look through the aisles of the remodeled Winn-Dixie at 805 E. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. (Courtesy of Winn-Dixie, July 19, 2018)
Published July 26 2018

Letís talk coupons.

Advertisers want you to use coupons to buy something you wouldnít normally buy because you feel like youíre saving.

Iím an advocate of getting only what you need.

That said, thereís items in my daily life I almost never pay full price for: body wash, deodorant, razors, tooth paste, paper towels. Those items have some of the most plentiful coupons out there.

And if you pair those coupons with storesí weekly ad deals, the savings is worth the extra couple minutes you spend at the register.

Letís break it down by deals you can get this week by location.


Alert: incredible deal on razors. But you need to act fast and get to the store by end-of-day Friday.

Publix has Schick razors marked down by $2 or $3 (depending on type) until July 27. Inside the SmartSource coupon book you got in this Sundayís Tampa Bay Times, thereís a $3 manufacturer coupon good until mid August.

If you need face scrubs or washes, you can get Biore face wash for less than $1. This is another deal only good until tomorrow. In the purple Publix flier thereís a $2 coupon for Biore facial care products that ends Friday. The most recent SmartSource has $3 off any Biore product thatís good until September.

Publix has a Lysol deal, 2 for $8 on sprays. Your Sunday SmartSource has 50 cents off one spray. So the usually more than $5 spray should come out to be, at most, $3.75.

Thereís also a two for $10 on premium kinds of Sparkle six-pack paper towels, which you can match with a $1 off from the "Retail Me Not" booklet thatís mailed out mid week.


If you need to stock up on detergent, now is the time. All brand laundry detergent, 46 ounces, is buy one, get one, meaning savings up to $5.99. Match that with the $1 coupon in the latest Retail Me Not flier, and youíre getting each bottle for about $2.50.

More laundry finds: Thereís a 2 for $6 deal of on liquid Snuggle fabric softener. Theyíre usually around $3.99 each. You can add on a 50-cent coupon from the most recent Retail Me Not.

Another Sparkle paper towel deal: The standard six-roll pack is marked down to $4.99, which you can match with that $1 coupon I already mentioned from Retail Me Not.

The same booklet also has a $1 Angel Soft coupon, which you can use while those 12-roll packs are also marked down to $4.99.


Donít ignore this deal if youíre a contact wearer in need of some solution.

Target has a buy two Clear Care solution, get a $5 gift card in return. (You get the $5 card whether you buy two single packs or two twin packs.) At the same time, the most recent Retail Me Not has $5 off two twin packs and a $2 off two 10-ounce bottles.

That means if you get two $9.99 solutions, youíll save $2 and get $5 back, and essentially pocket $7. (Pro tip: you can use the $5 gift card in the same trip, just split your order into two transactions.)

Best way to save? Subscribe to your Sunday Tampa Bay Times. It pays for itself pretty fast in coupons.

Got any deals I missed or tips you think sale-seekers would appreciate? Email me: [email protected] or follow me @sara_dinatale.