Which candy will Floridians buy the most this Halloween?

Published October 22 2018
Updated October 30 2018

Last year, Floridians’ trick-or-treat bowls were leaning toward Skittles.

But a more savory — but still sugary — treat has taken over as the Sunshine State’s preferred candy this Halloween. The Snickers bar wins out, according to a recent survey by sweets wholesaler candystore.com.

That means the state is expected to buy more than 661,000 pounds of Snickers, according to calculations by the Florida Retail Federation. On average, consumers say they will spend just over $86.79 apiece this Halloween between candy, costumes and decorations — up 66 cents from last year’s figure, which reached $9.1 billion in total Halloween spending.

Millions of Floridians — and a total of 175 million Americans — are expected to celebrate Halloween. The National Retail Federation, partners to the Florida federation, put together the following facts about this year’s buying trends. It predicts:

• Consumers will spend a total of $3.2 billion on costumes and $2.6 billion on candy.

• 70 percent of Americans will hand out candy, while 50 percent will decorate their homes or yards.

• Pet costumes are getting more popular: nearly 20 percent of Halloween revelers will dress up their furry friends. That’s up from last year’s 14 percent. (The most popular pet costume is a pumpkin.)

• 3.8 million children will dress up as their favorite princess and another 2.5 million as their favorite superhero.

• Roughly 10.7 percent of adults will be dressed as witches this year — that’s more than 7.2 million people — and another roughly 2.5 million as vampires.

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