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Solutions column: Advice for screen saver settings

Published Mar. 13, 2015

I was wondering how to change screen saver settings to keep my screen from powering down after a few moments of idleness. I must move the mouse to bring the screen up, whether to view the monitor or hear music.

I am using Windows 7. The help section indicated changing the power settings, which I am not sure how to access.

There could be two different things at play here. First is the screen saver settings that determine how long to wait before sending the monitor into power save mode. The other is the actual selective powering off of components — this might interfere with your sound drivers and speakers. Right-click anywhere on your desktop and select "Personalize." Click "Screen Saver." Set the screen saver to "(None)." This will disable the timer settings that might kick in and interfere with current drivers/processing. From that screen, click the "Change power settings" link. On the left, click the "Choose when to turn off the display" link. There will be three settings each for "On Battery" and "Plugged in." Change the "Plugged in" settings to "Never" for "Dim the Display," "Turn off the display" and "Put the computer to sleep." Do the same for the "On Battery" settings if you want this same behavior while on battery power, though this will drain the battery supply quickly. While you're in that same window, click "Change Advanced power settings." Scroll down and expand the USB settings. Change the USB selective suspend setting "ti Disabled." Click "OK" and then "Save Changes."

I have a Surface Pro tablet running Windows 8.1 and IE 11 with all updates current. I do not have a detachable keyboard, only the built-in virtual keyboard. How can I access the BIOS Setup Utility at startup? When the tablet is started, there are no messages to hit a specific key because there is no keyboard available to use before Windows starts. I would like to run a full Windows Defender offline scan from a USB flash drive, but I need to access the BIOS utility to set the drive scan and start-up sequence.

Find and hold the volume "Up" rocker switch while powering on the Surface devices. This will bring you to the BIOS screen.